Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I decided it might be "fun" to join another handmade selling community to see how it works out compared to Etsy!  I kind of did it on an impulse, but there were a few important reasons why I chose Zibbet to try my luck on.
  1. FREE MEMBERSHIP!  There is a basic free membership that allows up to 50 free listings and no sales fees.  Completely free.  I thought this might be a good way to test the waters before I commit to spending money on another shop.
  2. COMMUNITY!  From things I've heard and read, Zibbet is very supportive of it's sellers and has a great community of people willing to help each other, network, and even just chat a little.  Not that I've had any problems with Etsy yet, but it's nice to think you're going into something other people have enjoyed.
  3. POTENTIAL!  Zibbet is still building up.  I think I read that they have 1/2% of the visitors that Etsy has.  While that may not sound great, I feel like that means there is a lot of potential for growth, and I want to be there while it's happening!
  4. PRODUCT SEARCHES!  Only some of Etsy's shops have their items listed in Google product searches.  I know it's not Etsy's fault, and they're getting to everyone as fast as they can, but it still stinks.  Zibbet works with both Google product search and Find.com, which are the two biggest product search engines right now.  Just by being on there, my items can now be found in those searches.
  5. FEATURES!  The site seems to have a few improvements over Etsy.  Like better analytics.  Less bias about front page and features.  Much simpler listing process, even though it includes all the same information.
  6. SATURATION!  On Etsy, my categories are SATURATED!  On Zibbet, 3-5 pages of items when I search my product categories.  On Etsy?  Well over 100 pages.
  7. PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP!  SO many more customization options for premium sellers!  And a flat fee paid monthly or yearly for unlimited listings, still no listing or sale fees.  Advertising potential, increased likelihood of shop views, gift buying guides, and lots more features on the way!
So all in all, I thought I'd try it out.  What will it hurt?  It's not costing me anything.  I uploaded my Etsy listings and did a few quick changes to them and had everything up and running in 2 different shops in just a couple of hours.  And the best part?  If I decide I just want to work with Etsy, I can leave my listings on Zibbet FOR FREE and link them to the listings for the items in my Etsy shops!  That's right, they don't care if you direct shoppers away from the site!  So it would end up another place for my items to be seen!

I'll let you know how it goes!  Tell me what you think!


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  1. Thanks for the input I may give that a try myself. I have not had much luck with etsy. By all means the people are great there is just so much of the same thing it's hard to sell all of the time but I get great traffict to my website.