Wednesday, May 4, 2011


My latest obsession is decoupage!  I have been practicing and practicing my technique and loving it!

I have started listing decoupage 10" wall letters in my shops.  I used the same wall letters I have used in the past for hand painted samples and covered them in a bunch of different styles and colors of pretty scrapbook papers I found!  Some even have more than one paper on them and have ribbons for decoration as well!  I have each one made so it will hang by its own little ribbon!  There are also keyhole cut outs on the backs, but I love the ribbons!

Here's a few photos of my favorites!

If anyone is interested in my samples, I'm selling them for $5.00 each, which is half off the price I'm selling custom ones for!  I have photos of all my samples in an album on my Facebook page here:
Since these were my practice letters, they might have some imperfections.  However, I will do my best to cover any mistakes up using things like embellishments, which is included in the $5.00 price.  Actually, with embellishments, I'm asking $12.00 (The extra $2.00 will probably barely cover the cost of the embellishments!  Scrapbooking supplies are expensive!)  So you're getting even better than half price!  Contact me through either of my shops if you're interested!
Decoupaging is letting me branch out in my work!  I'm loving it and plan on making at least a full alphabet of samples!  Decoupage tip:  Use a roller of some kind to roll air bubble out of the paper!  I didn't know to do that the first few times I tried and just used my fingers.  No where near as effective!
Thanks for reading!
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Monday, May 2, 2011

Zibbet Update

Just a quick update on Zibbet.  So far not much activity.  I'm nearing my limit of 50 items in each shop and still contemplating going premium.

I just learned a few days ago that Zibbet shoppers aren't really in my target market though, so that may be slowing my progress there.  Zibbet users are mostly in the 45-65 range.  Although grandparents could fit in that category, my signs are usually purchased by parents decorating their nursery, and my baby gifts are probably around the same age group.  That one could be a little more spread out for ages.  Women who aren't in their childbearing years anymore still go to baby showers and definitely still love babies!

I'm definitely not leaving Zibbet though!  I LOVE the community there!  See my previous post on Zibbet for other reasons why I'm sticking around!  And with their growth, who knows what could happen?


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