Sunday, April 24, 2011

Finally Finished The Order!

Sortly after I opened my shop, I started working with someone on a custom sign for little baby Seth.  His parents wanted to decorate his nursery in a light blue and brown rock and roll theme, but family members had other plans!  Someone very generously bought them crib bedding in a camoflage theme!  So we redesigned the name sign to fit this new theme, and I think I like this one even better than what we had originally planned!

Here's how it turned out!  I love the little animals and the trees!  Their camo theme was a woodsie hunting type theme, so I went with tan forest leaves painted over a sponged on camoflage pattern made from several greens and browns.

I also have an idea to adapt this to fit a military theme!  I have a tank cutout I can use, so I'd have that hanging from the middle and hand paint unfinished star cutouts in the camoflage pattern.  Or maybe in the solid colors used to paint the letters!  I was also thinking about painting solid colored stars in tan over the camo on the letters.  Or I could leave them just the solid camo!  It'll be up to whoever wants to order it!

This could even be something I do in pinks or blues to match bedding!  I know exactly what ribbon I'd use!  There's pink and blue camoflage ribbons available at my supply stores!

What does everyone think?  I just love this design!


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