Friday, April 22, 2011

The Rhyme Guys

As some of you may remember, awhile ago I got orders for signs for two little boys from the same major metropolitan area with names that rhyme!  I love that kind of coincidence!  Too funny!  Well, I promised photos of the finished products, so here they are!

This one was for little Brayden!  This was the first one I did with a request for a different background color.  The customer wanted a sage green background and brown or green ribbon.  I opted for a giraffe print ribbon.  I never heard whether she liked it or not!  No feedback yet.  But I'll assume no news is good news!  It was also my first opportunity to use the turtle shell pattern since I made the original sign for my own little guy!

And this is te one I did for Caiden!  Love it!  I still never found out if these two customers knew each other.  What are the odds, really?  Oh well!

Tell me what you think of these!  I love hearing feedback!



  1. These are SO cute! And it just so happens that my middle child is named Brayden. :) Although he goes by Brady.

  2. Thank you! I actually considered Brayden for my son's name! We went with Bryce, but there's always baby #2 when the time comes!