Monday, May 2, 2011

Zibbet Update

Just a quick update on Zibbet.  So far not much activity.  I'm nearing my limit of 50 items in each shop and still contemplating going premium.

I just learned a few days ago that Zibbet shoppers aren't really in my target market though, so that may be slowing my progress there.  Zibbet users are mostly in the 45-65 range.  Although grandparents could fit in that category, my signs are usually purchased by parents decorating their nursery, and my baby gifts are probably around the same age group.  That one could be a little more spread out for ages.  Women who aren't in their childbearing years anymore still go to baby showers and definitely still love babies!

I'm definitely not leaving Zibbet though!  I LOVE the community there!  See my previous post on Zibbet for other reasons why I'm sticking around!  And with their growth, who knows what could happen?


Name Signs and Wall Letters:

Baby Gifts:


  1. I just joined zibbet too. No sales yet but nothing to lose either! I'm still getting my bearings with the groups. Any suggestions??
    Mary Beth

  2. Okay I will have to go and see what this is about. i said that last week but I have made lots more items and I read your last post as well on zibbet I will give it a shot.

    Kasha Designs

  3. Hi Ladies!!! As far as groups on Zibbet, there's one called How To Market Your Zibbet Business that seems pretty helpful. There's also one for most social network sites that helps with ideas on promoting using those sites. Those usually have a thread for everyone to share their Facebook pages, Twitter pages, etc.

    One other tip I found is if you have the same things listed in multiple venues, make sure you change your item titles and descriptions up a bit. Search engines apparently don't like to see repeats and they'll bump you down further in search results. I've been working on changing mine up.

    Good luck to both of you!!!